Vanilla option is the web based trading platform. It provides trading and risk management with equity derivates. It includes market structure, best practice, and conventions. It can see option pricing, volatility and model calibration. It can be used trading strategies for buy side and sell side. Vanilla option is an option with standard features like strike price, expiration day and single underlying assets. The option is  effective at the current day exercise is payout the difference between the value underlying assets and the strike price. It is also known whether the option is call or put and time the options is sold. Options can be exercised any time as American style. It can be European style  when the option can be exercised only on an expiration day.  When trading platform opens it depends on your size screen. On the top left corner, you see trading pairs for spot option. On the top right and top center, we have option trading assets. It can see strike price, ask and bid price. Yellow colored prices indicate that the options are out of the money. On the bottom left, we have a window shows opening positions and pending orders. On the bottom right we have the tool called  the risk manager.



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