Work experience

While studying at Berkeley, I struck a particular interest in Supply Chain and Logistics and applied my talents as a Pricing Analyst for the TransPacific Services at HSNA, Inc. in San Francisco from 2007-2010 where I monitored competition performance for assigned market segments using PIERS data. Following, I worked with the discriminating team at Apol Global Management in Madrid as a Research Analyst to help devise global investment strategy for their diversified client portfolio while being responsible for running medium-term risk management projects for Southern Europe corporate clients (simulations of uncorrelated and correlated future Forex exposures with the goal to provide alternative hedging solutions). My position as a Senior Financial Analyst for Central Finance & ATM between 2012 and 2014 provided me with tremendous insight to monitor variances, which I was able to translate into improved financial status through detailed reporting and recommendations to management. My experience in preparing multiple financial results and analysis, advanced financial data analysis and trend reports make me an asset to both independent firms and the market as a whole. For the past two years, I have realized significant returns for myself and my clients as an individual trader on the Forex by accurately assessing moving averages and relative strength index (RSI).

Dwayne Buzzell