Investors will continue to be focused on economic reports from the United States. They candetermine whether it is the largest economy in the world strong enough to withstand an increasein interest rates in the coming months. In the United States published data on production in Julyand is expected to decline by 0.2 points 53,0. The Reserve Bank of Australia announced thelatest decision on interest rate. Economists expect the central bank to cut interest rates to historiclow of 1.50% from 1.75 percent, in order to stimulate inflation. The bank has lowered theinterest rate to 1.50%. This was in line with expectations of economists.

In the euro zone will be published data from the service sector and retail. Analysts predict thatthe index of activity in the services sector remains unchanged in July at 52.7 points, while theexpected growth of retail sales in June by 0.1%, after rising 0.4% in the previous month. Bank ofEngland to publish the minutes of the last meeting and the quarterly report on inflation, whileGovernor Mark Carney held a press conference.



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