Forex trade comprises the exchange of currencies for another in the currency markets. It is a global business and is considered the largest asit registerstrades worth over $5 trillion daily.

Successful performance of forex trade necessitates the availability of trading tools. Trading tools are meant to ease the trading process. Forex trades are vital as they provide you with an upper hand with trades, enabling you to pick the right trades and steer off bad trades.

Moreover, trading tools aid in studying the markets and establishing parameters for selecting trades. Forex trading tools vary. You must always ensure that you have picked the tools that will serve you best.

Features of a Good Trading Tool

Not all trading tools provide you with the best trading experience. The best trading tools depict should be as follows.

1.                  Reliable

Trading tools should be reliable. They should be dependable and be trusted to execute trades successfully. You should subject your trading tools to some tests to be sure of their dependability.

2.                  Functional

Functionality is key when it comes to picking a trading tool. Trading tools ought to perform the tasks they have been designed to do, without fail. The functionality aspect is essential as it will provide you the confidence of knowing the trades will carry on as expected.

3.                  Affordable

Trading tools vary, and hence their costs. You should ensure that the trading tools you opt for are not exorbitantly expensive. You can always find cheap trading tools that perform the same function as the expensively priced trading tools.

Forex Trading Tools

Forex trading tools are many. The trading tools you opt for are mainly influenced by your trading styles, plus your money management modes. As a beginner forex trader, your desire to succeed in the trade will make you invest in the most desirable and effective forex tools such as the following.

1.                  Charting software

Charting software are beneficial as they facilitate the tracking of market performance. With the use of charts, you can spot patterns and can analyze the history of particular currencies. That way, you are better placed to make profitable trading choices.

2.                  Trading platforms

A trading platform is where you perform your trades. There is a multitude of trading platforms in the forex market. The most common and advanced trading platforms are Meta Trader 4 and 5. They contain analyzing features, which facilitate real-time forex market analysis.

Moreover, trading platforms contain tracking features that enable the tracking of market variations even as you execute the various trades. Newsfeeds are also a common feature of the trading platforms, which aid in deciding the motion to make in a trade.

3.                  Economic calendars

Calendars are essential in ensuring that you have your trading period be it a week, month, or year planned out. Economic calendars list the times plus dates of significant economic data, which may influence currency prices when out.

The calendar will help you ensure that you do not miss out on any important events that may impact your trades. It acts as a reminder of the most important happenings that may impact currency prices. Hence, with a calendar, you can easily predict the movements in forex prices. That way, you can determine when to enter and exit the trades.

4.                  Financial news wires

Many factors including interest rates influence currency movements. Changes in interest rates will cause the prices of currencies to go up or down.

Financial news can result in an increase in buying or selling of currencies. This impacts the prices of currency pairs. Therefore, financial news wires aid in keeping track of economic news that impact currency prices.

5.                  Copy trading services

Copy trading phenomenon involves the duplication of successful trades by traders. As a beginner trader, you may not have the experience nor the trading strategies that ensure successful trades. Hence, you will consider imitating an already successful trader to enjoy the great returns the trades will produce.

6.                  Calculators

You will locate the calculators on your broker’s platform at most times. The calculators are mainly used to predict the future movements of a currency, based on historical data. there are volatility calculators, pip, margin, profit calculators, and currency converters.


Trading tools help in simplifying Forex trade. Forex trade tools such as charting software, trading platforms, economic calendars, financial news wires, calculators, and copy trading services are vital in easing the trading process.


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