Trading the forex market can be very intimidating especially if you are relatively new in this industry. Mastering the art of forex trading requires an extreme level of skill and patience. The success rate in this industry is so low that many people consider it as the riskiest investment in the world. But in reality, this is the smartest business in the world which can give you financial freedom in life. Professional traders who are making tons of money by trading the financial instrument have developed unique sets of discipline in their trading career over the long period of time. They know that losing is just a part of this game. They make sure that they are making more money in their winners than their losers.

Deal cancellation concept by easyMarkets

There has been an established tradition in the forex market that you can’t avoid losing trade. But in the hands of smart professional of the easyMarkets this statement in no more valid. You can trade the forex market with the new level of confidence and make a consistent profit without having any losing trades. The simple video will give you a general overview of the deal cancellation concept developed by the easyMarkets.

You might be wondering how this the wonderful features has been developed by the easyMarkets .The initial stage of the development of the program was not easy at all. EasyMarkets had to ensure that the deal cancellation features benefits both the organization and the retail traders. They took data of their retail traders and came to a conclusion that most of the traders are day traders. So the program is most benefited for the day traders.

Key Benefits

The deal cancellation features of the easyMarkets allow the trader to open trade with any fear of losing money. The idea behind the amazing features is pretty simple and effective. For the first time in the online forex trading, such protective features have been initiated by the brokers. The hard part in developing this trading strategy was selecting the right price. The company had to ensure that both the company and the users are benefited from this program. Keeping this in mind, a small premium fee has been incorporated in these features. Traders have to pay a small fee in order to avoid losing trades in the market.

How to use the deal cancellation feature

Since you are reading this article we can assume that you have already spent a decent amount of time in developing your own trading strategy. Considering the hard labor you spent in learning forex trading the hassle in deal cancellation features is almost nil. A simple video will illustrate how to use the amazing deal cancellation features developed by the easyMarkets.

You must be amazed by seeing the video tutorial of how to use deal cancellation features developed by the easyMarkets. To be honest the developers of the easyMarkets has done an amazing in creating a user-friendly interference. Before you open a trade you will have an option whether you want to protect your trade, so that your loss is not added to your account. If open any trade by enabling the deal cancellation features then your trade will be protected for the rest one hour. This means that if the trade goes against you then you can close your trade any moment and your account balance will remain unaffected. But this deal cancellation protection features will be available for the first 60 minutes. That means you need to close your losing trades before the expiry time. Considering the worst case scenario, your trade can hit your potential stop loss within the very short period of time. But the easyMarkets developers have also eased that tension for you. If your trade hit the stop loss price within in protection period then no money will be deducted from your trading account.

Making the best use deal cancellation features

As a forex trader, you know that losing is unavoidable in the forex industry. But since you know about the deal cancellation program launched by easyMarkets you know that you can afford to take the risk without losing money for the first one hour. To be precise, the losing side of the forex industry is now history by the virtue of these features. One of the best things about these features remains in closing profitable trade. If you open any trade by enabling deal cancellation features and if the trade goes in favor, you can close the trade at a time within the expiry period .The profit will be added to your account within a fraction of a second. You can easily open multiple trades and close multiple trades just like normal trading. This tool has given the day traders a sign of relief since they know that no matter what happens their trade will not incur any loss for the first one hour. Even they can take new entry if the trade goes against them at a better price.

Summary: Trading the forex industry was an extremely difficult task in the past. But due to the technological advancement, losing is not part and parcel in forex trading. Both the professional and new traders can use the amazing deal cancellation features provided by the easyMarkets in order to make sure that their trading account is safe for the initial 60 minutes. For this, the easyMarkets is charging a small premium to run this service efficiently. Considering all the facts of this deal cancellation, it’s a must have a thing for every professional forex traders. All other trading parameters like execution speed spread etc remains unaffected even after enabling these amazing features. Moreover, you have the perfect freedom to protect any specific trade.


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