Investors are in fear regarding the next move of the financial instrument since price sensitivity has increased to great extent featuring Tuesday’s U.S presidential election. Professional traders overly cautious about their investment and most of leading hedge firm are staying on the sideline to trade safely after the dust settles in the market. The Asian stock reacted aggressively with a strong a strong bounce in Monday morning after the FBI reestablished their view with a positive tone about Hillary Clintons private mail server use. Though the Asian market stock went up significantly on Monday morning but investors are overly cautious about the sudden gain in the stock market. In the eyes of trained professional, the market is most likely to remain overly sensitive until the presidential election is over. With the sudden gain in the strength in the Asian market, there has been a sharp fall in the S&P 500 index in the last week. To be precise the technical bouncing off the Asian stock is the resulting economic event of the heavy fall of the S&P 500 index which recorded its longest losing streak since1980.Professional traders and investors are now into the world of massive confusion since the Global economic sentiment is extremely fragile at the current moment with so many major pending economic event and critical decisions. The recent exponential oil production by the world largest economy has also caused chaotic price pattern which might even lead to an extremely sharp fall in recent days.

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